Great Memoirs Great Memoirs - A Collection Of Memories

Great Memoirs – A Collection Of Memories


Professor Susan Barile, Moderator

Vladimir Nabokov said that one must put quotation marks around the words “autobiography” and “memoir.” Wherein lies the truth of an experience that at first glance may seem alien to the reader? This Seminar begins with Nabokov’s highly-influential memoir, Speak, Memory. We will then travel some fifty years ahead to accompany several recent fascinating memoirs as they take us on an exploration of individual truth and identity. (With images.)

Session 1 Speak, Memory: An Autobiography Revisited, VLADIMIR NABOKOV
Session 2 Are You Somebody? The Accidental Memoir of a Dublin Woman, NUALA O’FAOLAIN
Session 3 Out of Egypt: A Memoir, ANDRÉ ACIMAN
Session 4 Where I Was From, JOAN DIDION
Session 5 Nothing to be Frightened Of, JULIAN BARNES
Session 6 Travels in Vermeer: A Memoir, MICHAEL WHITE
Susan Barile

SUSAN BARILE – Assistant Professor, English Department, Hunter College. A graduate of Georgetown University, Dr. Barile holds a Master’s Degree from Hunter and a Ph.D. in Literature from The Graduate Center, NYC. She completed her dissertation on the letters of Edith Wharton written to Italian Renaissance art historian Bernard Berenson. She is also the author of The Bookworm’s Big Apple: A Guide to Manhattan’s Booksellers, published by Columbia University Press.