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Winter 2021 Seminars

Winter 2021 Seminars coming soon! Join the mailing list to receive announcements about registering for these exciting seminars. 

Winter 2021 Seminars will be held online for the safety and enjoyment of the RoundTable Community. All seminars will be live streamed at their scheduled times and then saved in the RoundTable Members’ Community which provides flexibility if a session is missed or one wishes to revisit the material.

We look forward to joining you at RoundTable!

Meet the Moderators

Rory O'Dea

Joseph Luzzi

Edward Barnes

Heather Watts

Jennifer Willging

Robert David "KC" Johnson

Glenn Dynner

If you are an academic or expert in your field and would like to join RoundTable’s roster of esteemed moderators, please send us the following:

CV with teaching experience, courses created, and biography. If available, videos of presentations are encouraged.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mission Statement

RoundTable Cultural Seminars is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to enrich the knowledge of individuals through the study of arts and literature.  This will be accomplished by providing adult education in the fields of theatre, music, politics, and the like to members of the organization.  Individuals who are professors and experts in their respective discipline(s) will instruct the courses.

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