Seminar Dates & Times

Tuesdays   |   10:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. EST


September 29
October 13, 27
November 10, 24
December 8


A Survey of Jewish History

Moderated by Dr. Glenn Dynner

The seminar is a survey of the interaction of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the secular world from Biblical to modern times.  Among the questions to be explored:

1) Where did the myth that Jews killed Christ originate?

2) Is there truth to the belief that the Old Testament God is a god of wrath and judgement, and the New Testament God is a god of love and forgiveness?

3) How do all three religions deal with the status of women?


Session 1 From the Bible to the Classical World
Session 2 Rome Meets Jerusalem: The Rise of Christianity
Session 3 Islam and Sephardic Jews
Session 4 The Church and the Ashkenazic Jews
Session 5 The State of Israel: Jews, Muslims & Christians
Session 6 The Religious Melting Pot in America

Seminar Cost: $450 (tax-deductible portion $225)