Join us this Fall at East 69th Street & Madison Avenue

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RoundTable warmly welcomes you to join in-person seminars and events at its new, spacious seminar room on East 69th Street off Madison Avenue. The elegant seminar space overlooks a beautiful, tree-lined block, tucked away from the bustle of lively Madison Avenue. The building is fully accessible to participants and features a large, wheelchair-friendly restroom. Participants may join RoundTable on the third floor of this historic building by using the elevator or taking the well-lit stairwell via the East 69th Street entrance.

Please Note: Proof-of-Vaccination is required to attend in-person seminars & events. Temperature checks will be taken at the door. RoundTable strives to create a safe environment for lifelong learning and we appreciate your cooperation with our efforts.

See our complete Health & Safety Policy HERE.


RoundTable Cultural Seminars is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to enrich the knowledge of individuals through the study of arts and literature. This will be accomplished by providing adult education in the fields of theatre, music, politics, and the like to members of the organization. Individuals who are professors and experts in their respective discipline/s will instruct the courses.


Following fifteen years of success after having founded The Shakespeare Society, Nancy Becker and Adriana Mnuchin turned their attention to adult continuing education. It appeared to them that opportunities for learning and expanding one’s intellectual creativity were lifelong goals for many individuals — and they wanted to provide a means to do that. 

Founded in 2008, RoundTable Cultural Seminars started with a small group of women who enjoyed reading and discussing poetry, meeting in one another’s homes. New topics of interest were introduced monthly and eventually professors were engaged to moderate. Today, RoundTable Cultural Seminars has transformed into a cultural institution offering many diverse topics to its community moderated by highly regarded professors from the finest universities, as well as artists and experts from the top of their fields.


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Dear Friends,

Although the past eighteen months have been exceptional and difficult ones, we have been strengthened and moved by your loyalty and participation in RoundTable Cultural Seminars. We, and our staff, have a renewed determination and commitment to bring you culture and lifelong learning hosted by renowned experts, professors, and artists who create invaluable and memorable experiences. We thank you for your continued support, and look forward to sharing the future together.


Nancy, Christie, Eric, Sandra & Charley


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Board of Directors

Nancy Becker

President, Co-Founder

Eric Schoenberg


Christie Salomon


Sandra Joys

Charley Borden



Gina Marie Jamieson

Executive Director

Caitlin Solazzo

Associate Director,

Programming & Engagement

Claire White

Digital Marketing Consultant

Elaine Schellinger

Web Design & Development

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