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Nickolas Pappas received his PhD in philosophy from Harvard University. In 1993 he began teaching in New York City.

He writes mostly on subjects in aesthetics and ancient philosophy. His books including GuideBook to Plato’s Republic (3rd edition, 2013); The Philosopher’s New Clothes: The Theaetetus, the Academy, and Philosophy’s Turn against Fashion (2016); and most recently Plato’s Exceptional City, Love, and Philosopher (2021).

He is now the chair of Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center.


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Life Lessons from Ancient Myths

Myths were the first human narratives. They spread through ancient cultures to accompany ritual, explain natural phenomena, and teach moral lessons. In this seminar, Professor Nickolas Pappas will explore how these old stories may have felt when they were new, and what lived human conditions they respond to: mourning; anxiety about the future; love and seduction. Our sessions will feature characters of epic proportions; understanding how we share their problems allow their journeys and trials to resonate with us, even in this latter age of humanity we occupy.