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’60s Paris in Film 
Moderated by Dr. Mark Cohen


In the ’60s France found its own place in the world, it enjoyed unprecedented prosperity and peace, set up a independent power bloc in Europe to rival the US and the Soviets and forged its own unique set of industries and arts, none more cutting-edge than film, where an innovative blend of small budgets and a sophisticated film culture led to some of the finest films ever made.

We will take a quick tour of Paris as seen in five of these films, not the Paris of the tourist guides but a Paris of backstreets, chance meetings, gleaming office blocks, modern apartments and demonstrations.

Mark Cohen is a professor at CUNY, and has previously taught at  numerous colleges and universities, including Princeton, St. John’s, Sarah Lawrence, and NYU.  Courses include “French Film and the Holocaust” at Princeton, Film Surveys at St. John’s, and “Skepticism in Philosophy and Literature” at Hunter College. Teaching interests are Montaigne, Early Modern French Philosophy the Essay, The Fragment, Scepticism, Liberalism, Atheism, Translation. In addition to teaching, Dr. Cohen is a translator and has authored numerous articles for scholarly journals.

Current book projects are Montaigne and Liberalism; The Short Form in French and German Literature and Criticism from the seventeenth-century moralistes to the 1970s. He holds a PhD., M.A., and M. Phil. in French from Columbia University.