Join RoundTable for SummerFest 2020!

Complimentary sessions will be livestreamed and available to view up to 24 hours after they air.  We hope you enjoy this cool treat for the hot days!

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“Love, Italian Style” with Professor Joseph Luzzi


Professor Joseph Luzzi – author of My Two Italies and editor of the just-released Italian Cinema: From the Silent Screen to the Digital Image – guides us through the iconic love stories of Italian film.

Professor Luzzi has moderated RoundTable seminars on film, literature, and culture.  This Fall, he’ll be taking us on a “Grand Tour of Italy” and a journey of the heart with “A Kiss is But a Kiss: Six Unforgettable Cinematic Love Stories.”

Thursday, July 23rd at 2:00 pm EDT  –  registration closed

“A History of Family Money” with Professor Eric Schoenberg


Join special SummerFest guest professor Eric Schoenberg as he explores “family money” as illuminated by the strange, solitary saga of Huguette Clark, the Copper Princess.

Dr. Schoenberg is an adjunct professor of Psychology at Columbia University as well as a Managing Director of Holly Glen Partners, an investment partnership.  He has taught classes in behavioral economics, decision making, family wealth and leadership at Wharton, Columbia Business School, Stern School of Business, and the Haas Business School, and has published research on asset market bubbles.

Tuesday, August 4th at 10:30 am EDT –  registration closed

“Run Up to the Conventions” with Professor Robert David “KC” Johnson

Long-time RoundTable moderator KC Johnson will guide us down the road to the White House in this complimentary summer session, covering current political events and the mile markers of the DNC and the RNC on the eve of the scheduled conventions. 

For more contemporary commentary and insight into the American identity, join us for KC’s Fall seminar series, “Reconstruction and Revitalization in American History” and “Running for President 2020.”

Wednesday, August 12th at 10:30 am EDT – registration closed

“Contemporary Art” with Professor Rory O’Dea

RoundTable moderator, Professor Rory O’Dea, gives us a taste of his seminar series, “Today’s Art World.”  Rory will provide commentary and insight into the world of contemporary art while providing us with a context for the works we are viewing.

If you enjoy this session, you’ll love Rory’s Fall seminar series, “Today’s Art World.”

Tuesday, August 18th at 2:00 pm EDT – registration closed