Seminar Dates & Times

Tuesdays  |   2:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. EST


September 15, 29
October 13, 27
November 10, 24


Today’s Art World

Moderated by Professor Rory O’Dea

“Today’s Art World” offers a series of thought-provoking sessions exploring the most pivotal emerging and established artists that shape the landscape of contemporary art. While focused on the art of the twenty-first century, it aims to establish rich connections between the art of the past and present. “Today’s Art World” will examine modern and contemporary art as a truly global phenomenon, and the seminars will explore vital moments of artistic exchange between cultures. Organized around a diverse range of themes, “Today’s Art World” helps us make sense of the complex terrain of contemporary art by connecting individual artists to larger social and artistic contexts as a way to reflect our rapidly shifting global reality.

Visuals will be used.

Session 1 Soul of a Nation: Black Art Matters
Session 2 Storytelling: Contemporary Art, Documentary, and Fiction
Session 3 The Photograph as Contemporary Art
Session 4 Place and Space: Art in the Public Sphere
Session 5 Encountering the Spiritual in Contemporary Art
Session 6 Autumn in New York: A Virtual Tour of NYC Galleries

Seminar Cost: $450 (tax-deductible portion $225)